About Us

Malaysia Influential Educators (MIE) is a recognition given to the outstanding educators who have achieved excellence in education services by demonstrating their strong acumen and talent. They are the selected role models in the industry, who have demonstrated knowledge and skills at highest level and uphold the best practices in educations. This recognition is also a gratitude to them for their selfless contributions to the industry.

Our Vision

Instill awareness of code of ethics and best practices in order to enhance industry standards.

Our Mission

Create a top personal brand for educators to enhance their influentialness and credibility and also to ensure that all consumers have access to a professional and appropriate service.

Our Objectives


Mark a milestone in nominees’ career and increase their competitive ability.


Act as a driving force for the industrial and cultural development, promote positive motivation and competition in the industry and stimulate the cultivation of more outstanding talents.


Make the personal brand visible to more consumers and boost consumers confidence on recognizing the brand as the best and trustable choice.

Application Process

Why You Should Submit This
Award Nomination

An Honor Recognition to You

Strictly select 100 nominees and be recognized as the MALAYSIA INFLUENTIAL EDUCATORS  through the screening and evaluation of their abilities and performance. You could be one of them.


A platform to connect with jury, organisations, professionals from the education industry and this could bring potential business opportunities and resources to you.

Consumer Trust

Consumer will choose the product and service that have been recognised, rather than the unfamiliar ones.


An motivation for you to pursuing a better career goals and make a numerous breakthrough in the industry

Your Visibility

Provide a full range of publicity channels through online and offline platforms for the release, to increase individual visibility and exposure.